Document Type : Original article


1 Ministry of health, al-Najaf Directorate, Iraq

2 Department of Family and Community Health Nursing, College of Nursing, University of kufa, Najaf, Iraq


Background: Fatigue is a condition characterized by a subjective feeling of a decrease in energy, and it has both physical and psychological aspects. Many authors have pointed out the overlap between fatigue and depression.
Methods: A Descriptive correlational Design is used to study the relationships between the variables and how such relationships are analyzed to assess the research objectives. The study is conducted throughout the period of October 20 th 2021 to 15st June 2022. A Non-Probability (Purposive Sample) of (250) cancer patients, those who visited Al-Euphrates Cancer Hospital/ Al-Najaf/Chemotherapy and hormonal ,Radiation ,Surgery for treatment or follow up or both, are included in the study sample.The data are collected through the utilization
of the developed questionnaire by using an interview technique after the estimation of the validity and reliability of the study instrument.
Result: the overall assessment was (high) for the domains (physical fatigue) and (moderate) for the domain (mental fatigue). The overall assessment of fatigue is also (moderate). In addition, other variables were studied and the study found a significant relationship between educational level, the monthly income/IQ, occupation, residence, cancer type on the patient’s fatigue. Conclusion: Overall the patients with cancer exhibited
a high percentage of physical fatigue and a moderate percentage of mental fatigue. In addition, other variables were studied and the study found a significant relationship between educational level, the monthly income/IQ, occupation, residence, cancer type on the patient’s fatigue.


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